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E308: Populous DS revamps an enjoyable classic

Candace Savino

XSeed is determined to get in our good graces by bringing niche joys to American DS owners, including titles like Korg DS-10, Retro Game Challenge, Avalon Code, and now Populous DS.

Let's take a look now at Populous DS, a game that's sure to sate your lingering god complex. Putting this classic on the DS is a good move, and we also appreciate the nice-looking animations thrown into the mix. Expect to find more gods to choose from in this DS iteration, each of whom have their own demon counterpart. Another nice feature is the four-player wireless offering, though we're not sure how many carts will be necessary (hopefully one). Those of us in North America can expect to see Populous DS release in the fall.

We also added a handful of new screens to the gallery if you'd like to check those out.


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