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MAG: Massive Action Game, massive action trailer


You'll need to decide for yourself if you're massively excited about Sony's 256-player online shooter, MAG. Thankfully, you now have the above video – along with our liveblog info – to reference during your decision making process.

It should be noted that developer Zipper Interactive has seemingly taken a cue from Guerilla (with its infamous E3 2005 trailer for Killzone 2) and decided to saunter down the entirely pre-rendered CGI route with this trailer. We're fairly confident that the visual style will carry over to the final product, but everything else? The label reads: "Take with one very large grain of salt."

Oh, and 256-player online? We don't doubt it will work ... we just doubt our brains' ability to process 255 racial slurs and/or homophobic remarks simulatenously.

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