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EVE Online's embedded reporters track tides of war

James Egan

EVE Online's
volunteer press corps is called Interstellar Correspondents (IC), some of whom are embedded reporters on the front lines of the war between the races in New Eden. IC has put together a site dedicated to tracking death tolls, victory points, territory captures and re-captures, as well as militia activity in contested solar systems. The resource provides a decent assessment of how the tides are shifting in the warfare of the Empyrean Age expansion.

The war's top pilots and corporations are ranked by their successes in the last seven days, alternately 'All Time' stats are listed as well. A nice feature is the personal statistics search, where you can see the performance record of any pilot or corporation active in factional warfare. On a side note, the corporation Massively columnist and Drone Bay podcaster Phillip Manning recently joined, The Dead Parrot Shoppe Inc., is ranked in the top ten in all three categories: Overall Ranks, Kill Statistics, and Victory Point Statistics. Way to go, Crovan.

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