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Live from the Joystiq Post-E3 2008 Party!

Ross Miller

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Yes, we are actually live blogging our own party -- we have an addiction. Stay tuned for images and updates from the party with special guest The Who [Update: Turns out The Who couldn't make it, but we do have Rock Band 2] and if you're within 100 miles, get over here!

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6:35PM PST: Yes, Rock band 2 is in the house. And so is another surprise special guest ... Naughty Dog! They've brought some goodies of their own to give away, including two very special items: a copy of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune signed by the entire development team and a Naughty Dog staff T-shirt -- also signed by the entire NDI crew!

6:43PM PST: Aaaaand more surprises -- the Nyko gang booked it here from the L.A. convention center with boxes full of Wii, PS3, and 360 accessories to give away to our most special-est guests ... you!

7:04PM PST: Mucho cool stuff spotted so far. 'Stiq reader Eric Dobson brought in his home-made Master Chief Spartan helmet. Ed "SpaceGhost2k" Webb, creator of the most excellet (custom) Joystiq faceplate for Xbox 360 (among many others) stopped by to show off his work, which we'll be giving away on the site in the near future.

7:07PM PST: This one reader demanded we take his picture so he could see it on the site. Who are we to deny our readers?

7:21PM PST: Kyle Orland just passed along word to the Official Joystiq Live Blogging Desk of the Joystiq post-E3 2008 Party that there is a ratio of approximately .33 women to ever one man at our event. Girl gamers, where are you? Oh, another fun fact: the 19 pizzas we ordered? Gone in two minutes.

7:40PM PST: The Joystiq House band (Randy, Ross, Barb, and special guest Arne Meyer of Naughty Dog) hits the ... virtual stage to perform "Chop Suey" by System of a Down. We fail. Oh, someone turned on the "no fail" option. Thanks!

8:11: Amidst the chaos, we'd like to give a very special shout out to longtime Joystiq reader, EJ, who was kind enough to stop by the gathering, toating an Xbox 360 sporting a metric ton of DLC. Thanks!!

8:29: We're not just sharing our video game spoils, oh no, as someone just slipped into the seat next to us and asked if he could plug his iPhone into our laptop for a little extra juice. Share and share alike, we always say.

8:44: We're starting to notice a trend: the rate of dispersial of the crowd is proportional to the rate in which we give away swag. We're into the 170s with our raffle, which means we've given away about 170 games and 170 pieces of random swag (t-shirts, tchochkes, etc.). Gone early on was the five-piece Raving Rabbids. We still have Sneak King available, and that is shocking. SHOCKING, I tells ya.

8:47: We hear Wrath of the Lich King has gone beta. No more liveblogging, time to actually blog!

8:58: And we're back. In case you're curious, here's the beta news.

9:08: We have a winner. Partygoer #186 just won himself the signed Uncharted and Naughty Dog staff shirt. To quote the lucky winner: "You guys just made my life."

9:19: The swag is gone. We repeat: the swag is gone. Even Sneak King.

9:50: The Joystiq Podcast crew has taken the stage to "rock us hard!" (or something to that effect). They've announced that they are to be called The Blueberry Muffin Tops! Everyone is cheering. It's electric. Chris, Justin, and Ludwig are being joined on the drums by Ross Miller himself. They're picking a song ... it's "Pump It Up" by Elvis Costello!

10:00: What a performance (and only one controller-sleep-mode-induced song pause)! Someone grabbed a video. We're putting it up. Okay, Chris is thanking the crowd and ... that's it. The Joystiq post-E3 2008 Party is a wrap. We want to thank everyone who came out to hang out. Thanks to Harmonix for blowing our minds with Rock Band 2, Nyko for the peripherals, and Naughty Dog for showing up -- and providing the excellent Uncharted swag. Also, thanks to the NOS folks for keeping everyone caffeinated. In conclusion: it was like a good dog. It was good. G'night!

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