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MetaPlace closes in on first beta stage

Matt Warner

Ever want to tighten up the graphics in your own game or interactive environments without going to a video game design college? Okay bad joke, but that only a small part of the plan with Areae's MetaPlace. The project envisioned by Raph Koster will give users a dynamic platform and the accessibility to create embeddable shared virtual spaces, interactive games, and or a mish-mashing combination. News has been light but there are some new updates on the latest MetaPlace blog. Tami "Cuppycake" Baribeau shares some development accomplishments that took place over the past year and states MetaPlace is nearing the first closed beta stage!

What's genius is the planned badge and achievement system intended to encourage user participation. The more users share creations, explore, customize, invite, and participate in numerous other activities they'll unlock badges. No, they won't be stored away in a virtual closed account space all sad and lonely. Instead your friends can check them out and probably earn a badge in the process. Who knows what will end up unlocking a badge, but we love collecting things. All thanks to optional and fun achievement systems.

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