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Microsoft pulled Halo announcement for a stupid reason


Even the L.A. Times is caught up in Bungiegate – and it's getting (some) answers. The paper spoke with Xbox senior VP Don Mattrick, who told its writers that Microsoft decided to omit the announcement of the next Halo universe game from its pre-E3 press conference ... to save time.

As the story goes, Microsoft's presser was originally planned to run two-and-a-half hours, but Mattrick wanted to get it down to under 90 minutes. For some reason, a Halo game was cut to make way for such content (what Mattrick is quoted as calling "an embarrasment of riches") as the needlessly long (and silly) live demo of You're In The Movies. We're sure it wasn't cut because it would have taken attention away from Final Fantasy XIII for 360. Oh no. Never.

When do we get to see it, then? "We felt we could do this game more justice with a more dedicated event," Mattrick said in the L.A. Times piece. Given that Bungie was ready to rock with an announcement on Tuesday, we're guessing that it would prefer ... soon.

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