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Pyramid Head and Robbie the Rabbit in Silent Hill: Homecoming

Alan Tsang

Fan favorites Pyramid Head and Robbie the Rabbit will apparently be making appearances in the upcoming sequel Silent Hill: Homecoming. Joystiq spotted Pyramid Head at E3 and even has photographic prove, as seen above. The character is meant to be a manifestation of guilt (though one could say all the enemies in Silent Hill fall in that category, but that's a story for a fansite ... ) and has only appeared so far in Silent Hill 2 and the theatrical movie, but his role here is unknown. Robbie the Rabbit first appeared in Silent Hill 3 as the creepy mascot of the amusement park the player is trapped in, as well as Silent Hill: The Room as a doll in Eileen's room. We also have six new screenshots, with all the screwed-up goodness you expect from the franchise.


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