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Rumor: Sony 'mandating' some unique Trophies in 2009

Jason Dobson

While not every game may include Trophies for now, at least one major developer tells Joystiq that Sony's answer to Achievements will be "mandated" by Sony for every new PS3 release in 2009.

This isn't entirely unexpected given recently-revised comments by PSN director of operations, Eric Lampel. What's more interesting, however, is that the developer, which is currently working on an early 2009 release, is also hearing that Sony may be enforcing some measure of uniqueness between spoils earned on its console versus the Xbox 360. Commented to developer, "We've heard some things that make it sound like we will have to do some unique to PS3 Trophies...this is all very new to us." While unconfirmed, we can't wait to see to what extent Sony will try to separate its virtual accolades from those on the Xbox 360, or if the idea will simply be enough to make completionists' heads implode.

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