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Rumor: Trophies on PSP

Alan Tsang

This isn't the first time rumors have been going around, but it's the first time we have some real evidence. During a presentation yesterday during E3 for Buzz! Master Quiz, producer Emerson Escobar talked about an in-game medal system, which isn't too surprising for a quiz game.

But then, Escobar begins talking about a "trophy system" where depending on the speed you answer a question, you get a different trophy. When asked if this meant trophies for PSP, Escobar responded with a nervous chuckle and a "check back with us later," without saying anything else.

No comments from Sony at this time. But trophies on the PSP seem almost natural at this point, so we are wondering more as to when trophies will be available on our favorite handheld.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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