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June NPD: Solid Snake farts in our general direction

Phil Larsen

June was the month of Sony, Sony, Sony ... and DS. With the PlayStation brand achieving positive results across the board (MGS4 undoubtedly being the reason for doubling May's PS3 figures), Microsoft picked up a small increase in sales for the Xbox 360. The DS performed spectacularly as always, and gained a massive jump in sales thanks to Guitar Hero: On Tour.

The only console on a downslide for the month was the Wii, yet it still trounced all non-Nintendo competition. It's like those guys at school who barely even tried and still got top marks, while everyone else studied their butts off to scrape by. Ah, the mysteries of life.
  • DS: 783K 368.2K (+ 88.7%)
  • Wii: 666.7K 47.5K (- 6.6%)
  • PS3: 405.5K 218.4K (+ 116.7%)
  • PSP: 337.4K 144.7K (+ 75%)
  • X360: 219.8K 31.8K (+ 16.9%)
  • PS2: 188.8K 64.4K (+ 51.7%)
Software sales are waiting for you after the break! YA RLY!

June software sales

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots -- PS3 -- 774.6K (does not include units bundled with hardware)
2. Guitar Hero: On Tour -- DS -- 422.3K
3. Ninja Gaiden II -- 360 -- 372.7K
4. Wii Fit (w/ balance board) -- Wii -- 372.7K
5. Wii Play (w/ remote) -- Wii --359.1K
6. Battlefield: Bad Company -- 360 -- 346.8K
7. Mario Kart Wii (w/ Wii wheel) -- Wii -- 322.4K
8. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure -- Wii -- 294.5K
9. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure -- DS -- 267.8K
10. Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure -- PS2 -- 260.3K

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