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Mythos beta is shutting down tonight

Matt Warner

The woes continue at Flagship Studios. It was just announced that the Mythos beta will shutdown tonight. The official time slotted for its cease of operations is at July 18th, 2008 at 11:59 CST. Community manager Tiggs left the message on the forums which are also due to close at the same time.

"We, the ancient elders of Uld are issuing this warning to all citizens and travelers. Hurry! The great darkness that once plagued Uld is returning. Everyone is ordered to close down their shops and prepare. We predict the when night is at its peak the darkness will arrive. The ancient elders of Uld will be leaving immediately in order to preserve the lore of this wonderful world. Citizens please prepare thyself and know that the elders will be back from their travels some day."

Flagship Studios claims that the Mythos beta is going on a hiatus. That's pretty vague term associated with the closure of a beta that stems from a financial and legal crisis at a development studio. It does signal a possible return later, and we do hope Mythos continues development in the near feature and sees a well-deserved release. Lead developer on Mythos, Travis Baldree recently posted on the forums expressing his thanks and gratitude along with his uncertainty for how long the Mythos beta would remain operational. Now we know, and so soon.

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