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Pet talent trees unleashed

Eliah Hecht

Thanks to Mania (creator of the indispensable Petopia), we now have information on the new pet talent trees for Wrath. This excellent information was brought to us by Nimizar, a hunter lucky enough to get into the beta today. Mania hasn't had time to code any talent calculators up, but I'm more than happy to look at the text of this stuff.

Each pet family has access to one of three talent trees, named Tenacity, Cunning, and Ferocity; however, the trees have a large amount of overlap. There are 17 talents per tree, nine of which are shared with the other two trees and eight of which are only found in that tree. The talents are arranged in five tiers. Each tier requires you to put three points into it to move on to the next tier (compare to five for character talents).

The full description of the talents is too lengthy to put here, so I'll just give the highlights. There are some very appealing skills.

  • Shared (available to all pets): a lot of the old stuff, like Cobra Reflexes, Bestial Swiftness (now named Boar's Speed), and resistance talents are to be found here
  • Tenacity (known to be available to boars):
    • Intervene (tier 3): 1/1 for 40 focus, 8-25 range, 30 sec CD ability to redirect one attack on a friendly target to the pet
    • Last Stand (tier 5): 1/1 for +30% to pet max health for 20 seconds 6 minute CD (requires 3/3 Avoidance)
    • Roar of Fortitude (tier 5): 1/1 for 100 focus, 5 minute CD, 40 sec duration roar that increases total health and Dodge chance of all party members within 20 yards by 10%
  • Cunning (known to be available to Owls (renamed to Birds of Prey), Ravagers):
    • Carrion Feeder (tier 3): 1/1 for pet to be able to recover health and happiness by munching on a corpse (2 minute cooldown)
    • Cornered (tier 4): 2/2 for 25/50% increase in damage and reduction in chance to be crit when at less than 35% health
    • Roar of Recovery (tier 5): 1/1 for 34 focus, 5 minute CD, 30 yd range roar that restores 40% of the hunter's total mana over 8 seconds (requires 2/2 Owl's Focus)
  • Ferocity (known to be available to Wolves):
    • Loyalty (tier 2): 2/2 for 10/20% for the pet's attacks to increase its happiness by 10% and heal itself for 5% of it's max health
    • Heart of the Phoenix (tier 4): 1/1 for auto pet self-res with 10% health once per 10 minutes (requires 2/2 Loyalty)
    • Call of the Wild (tier 5): 1/1 for 100 focus, 5 minute CD, 20 sec duration roar that increases melee and ranged attack power of all party members within 20 yards by 5% (requires 3/3 Spider's Bite)

I only mentioned three talents per tree, but there are many more; for full details, head on over to Mania's Arcania. Thanks to Mania and Nimizar for getting this info out there!

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