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Antennas Direct cuts its ClearStream2 antenna in half, calls it ClearStream1

Steven Kim

If your area poses any sort of "challenges" to getting OTA reception, you'd be wise to do a little research before plunking down money on an antenna. If you tap into the interwebs for that kind of knowledge, theres' a good chance you'll come across some happy customers of Antennas Direct. Last month, it rolled out the ClearStream2 model, but if you don't need that 50-mile reach then the new ClearStream1 model might be a better fit. At 10- x 10-inches, with a single loop (as opposed to the CS2's figure-eight layout), the CS1 will pull signals in from a swath 30-miles away 70-degrees wide. We'd say it's $59 well-spent, especially knowing some portion goes to the legal-comedian staff at Antennas Direct that warns: "Do not attempt to install if drunk, pregnant or both; Do not eat antenna; Do not throw antenna at spouse."

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