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Forum post of the day: Too OP or not too OP

Amanda Dean

The news and analyses keep rolling in for Wrath of the Lich King. We've all got our pet talents and abilities we're psyched about. Everybody's going to get a shot in the arm. While Blizzard will balance and rebalance until release and then even after, some abilities stand out ad more exiting and powerful than others.

Issenaril of Blood Furnace is afraid that Titan's Grip is going to be an over powered ability. The ability allows Warriors specced 46 points into the Fury tree to swing two two-handed weapons at a slowed speed. With a maximum of five points in this ability, the weapon speed will be decreased by 20 percent. He believes that this ability will massively increase Warrior DPS and make imbalanced in PvP. Liganu agrees that a 50 point Fury build will be helpful in battlegrounds, but it won't be as viable in arena combat.

I'm leaning toward disagreement with the original poster. As Borogove of Alleria said, "No, because Fury is a garbage PvP tree? You'd have to be messed up in the head to be a pvping warrior and not want Bladestorm, the CC immunity ability warriors have wanted for years, on a 90 second cooldown." The way the talents look now, Arms is the spec to be for Arena PvP.

I think Titan's grip will be an excellent PvE ability, but will come up short in PvP. Of course this is subject to adjustment. I just can't wait to see a Gnome Warrior wielding two massive weapons. To me this seems somewhat more delightfully absurd than any other race, even with weapon size scaling.

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