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Rumors: New Sonic game and Dead Rising for US


This fairly authentic-looking image of a Nintendo Power magazine cover, if real, means that the magazine has the scoop on yet another Wii game in the works starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic and the Black Knight apparently features Sonic fighting with a sword, which would fit with the teaser graphic the magazine put at the end of the last issue.

It also fits with Sega's recent use of new gameplay mechanics nobody wants, a change from their previous habit of creating new characters nobody wants. Although if Sonic and the Black Knight uses the Wii MotionPlus to render swordplay like Wii Sports Resort does, we're totally on board.

The English title at the top for the new Dead Rising game both is great and suggests that an American release of the remake is already planned. If, of course, this image is not a fake created by a jerk.

[Thanks, CJMErl!]

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