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2008 Worlds in Motion Summit schedule announced

James Egan

The 2008 Worlds in Motion Summit schedule has been announced, along with a synopsis of this year's speeches and panels. The conference on virtual worlds and social gaming will be held on September 16th and 17th, during the Austin Game Developers Conference.

Worlds in Motion bills the 2008 Summit as a conference geared toward those who wish to better understand the business opportunities offered in the expanding social game networking space, and who plan to leverage their content and brands into interactive online worlds. Early bird registration ends July 31st; details can be found at the Austin GDC homepage. Read on after the jump for highlights of the upcoming 2008 Worlds in Motion Summit.

  • In-World Advertising Case Study -- Speakers: Teemu Huuhtanen (President, North America, Sulake Inc), Jonathan Epstein (CEO, Double Fusion)
  • Panel: The State of Facebook/Social Network Gaming -- Speakers: Frank Lantz (Creative Director, Co-founder, Area/Code), Charles Wetmore (Development Manager, Zwinky), Shervin Pishevar (CEO, Social Gaming Network)
  • Panel: Second Life: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Case Studies: User-Generated Content In Online Worlds -- Speakers: Raph Koster (President/co-founder, Areae); Corey Bridges (co-founder, executive producer, Multiverse); Daniel James (CEO, Three Rings)
  • Case Studies: Business Use of Virtual Worlds -- Speakers: Michael Rowe (Manager, 3D Internet, IBM)
  • Panel: The State of Kids Virtual Worlds -- Speakers: James Bower (Founder, Numedeon/Whyville), Kyra Reppen (SVP/General Manager, Neopets)
  • Dunder Mifflin Infinity: A Case Study in Using Game Mechanics to Drive Community Behavior -- Speakers: Stephen Andrade (SVP Digital Development,, Rajat Paharia (Founder/CEO, Bunchball)
  • Panel: The Future Of The Metaverse -- Speakers: Sibley Verbeck (CEO, Electric Sheep Company)
Be sure to see the full announcement over at Worlds in Motion for more details on the dates, speakers, and the contents of the presentations.

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