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E308: Buns-on with Raving Rabbids TV Party


I am happy to report that Raving Rabbids TV Party maintains the same balance of well-designed, clever motion-based minigames and puerile humor that have made the first two Rabbids games a not-so-guilty pleasure. The addition of the Balance Board just means that the team at Ubisoft has a new tool in their ongoing effort to make you look ridiculous. Which I certainly did while sitting on the floor pretending to sled in the middle of the E3 show floor.

My demo consisted, obviously, the Balance Board-based sledding minigame, in which you control a Rabbid riding an upturned wildebeest (or similar ungulate) down a mountain. You control your movement by leaning on the board, and attempt to slalom between flags. It's a lot like the skiing game in Wii Fit, actually, except on your butt. (Note to self: try Wii Fit skiing on my butt.) You can lean back to jump on ramps.

Some ramps launch you not only into the air, but into another minigame within the minigame, in which you pull off aerial tricks by performing QTE-style motions. The tricks all involve striking ridiculous poses with the wildebeest. After three to four tricks, you hit the ground again.

The other level being shown was a dancing game in which up to four players use Wiimote and Nunchuk poses to match outlines scrolling across the screen. I would have played it, but far too many people were lined up to dance along to the Austin Powers theme. People really seemed to love that demo.

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