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Jaman lands online deal with Paramount

Steven Kim

Last time we heard from Jaman, it was giving viewers the choice between watching downloaded HD video with or without ads. The decidedly indie offerings on Jaman are about to get a big dose of Hollywood, though, thanks to a distribution deal with Paramount Digital Entertainment. Slated for release are some big titles, too. Certainly, Paramount likes the security offered up by the Jaman service. But we think there's more to it than that -- film aficionados like those who frequent Jaman are a great set of eyeballs to grab. Even if titles like Beowulf don't strike us as necessarily appealing to this crowd, the Kite Runner and There Will Be Blood, for example are a pretty good fit. Now we just hope that Jaman and Paramount decide to really cinch things by making these premium titles available in HD quality.

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