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New head of BBC HD aims to get serious about high-def programming

Darren Murph

Those feeling a little let down by what BBC HD offers have renewed hope for the future, as Seetha Kumar has "been replaced as the head of BBC HD by Danielle Nagler, who most recently worked as head of the director general's office." Reportedly, the new boss' main priorities are to "focus on growing the channel by driving consumer take-up, working with in-house and independent producers to increase HD programming, and leading preparations for BBC HD's launch on Freeview." Better still, Nagler understands that the potential for high-def uptake in the UK and elsewhere is huge, and he's hoping to make BBC HD "a mainstream choice" for its audiences. From here, we're hoping that a big push in high-definition from Auntie Beeb will encourage other channels to make the requisite investments and follow suit. After all, you can expect consumers to shell out for HD content when there isn't any to buy.

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