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The Daily Grind: What MMOG would you kill off?

Matt Warner

Yesterday we asked what deceased MMOG do you miss the most. Let's flip that question around and make it somewhat evil. It could be before the MMOG ever launched essentially erasing it and making it unknown or sometime after it launched. Any MMOG is fair game. What about the reasons for your conclusion. Maybe you played it for hundreds of days on end and that caused a rift in your awesome social life. Perhaps it's the fact that your buddies left you behind and you want to enact revenge to get your old group back. There has to be one MMOG that you don't like, find annoying, whatever the reason. Or maybe you wouldn't pull the plug on any MMOG. That's okay too.

Let's know, and be sure to explain your reasoning for doing so other than "I hate that game" or "I don't care." Example: Richard Bartle would sacrifice World of Warcraft because at one time or still believes the demise would benefit independent MMORPG developers. Please keep the nerd rage at a minimum when explaining why you chose that particular MMOG.

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