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Death Knight Gameplay Movies: Frost and more Blood leveling


We bought you Jadefury's Unholy and Blood Death Knight game play videos yesterday, and now he's released another batch. This time, his Death Knight is a bit higher level, and he puts two new talent builds through their paces.

In the video above, he focuses on the Frost tree. You can see the control that Frost provides specifically - the freezing effects actually seem to last a remarkably long time, certainly long enough to set up a nice chain of abilities and spells for maximum damage. A Hungering Cold followed by a Deathchill and finished up with a Howling Blast can be particularly devastating. Jadefury also points out that if you have any lingering diseases on any of your targets, you can use Blood Boil to quickly wipe them out, doing extra damage and making them susceptible to being frozen again.

Frost, reports Jadefury, is probably the least solo-friendly build. Because you need to go very deep into the frost tree to get all the abilities you need for maximum control and damage, You can't get the self-sustainability talents in the Blood tree such as Vendetta. That said, Frost should still be amazing for groups, since you'll be able to provide some very passable crowd control and damage, and I myself am still looking forward to seeing what a good Frost Mage/Death Knight team can do in PvP.

Now that his Death Knight is a bit higher level, Jadefury also released a second Blood tree video that showcases a higher level build.

Just as in Andorhal, Jayde absolute tears things up in Terrokar Forest's Bone Wastes in this video. This video showcases a Blood tree build's use of talents such as Infested Corpse, Vendetta, Mark of Blood, Scent of Blood, and Butchery for incredible longevity. In this video, Jadefury also makes use of Death and Decay and Ghouls to help his rampage along. Watching him absolutely tear up the place and never have to slow down is incredibly awe inspiring, and makes me incredibly anxious to finally be playing my new Death Knight.

Between Blood, Frost, and Unholy as they now stand, there doesn't seem to a "bad" DPS tree for Death Knights. There's been a lot of doomsaying about them being the only available DPS in Wrath, but I have to say, I could deal with a few all 3-DK DPS groups if they can all perform like Jadefury does in thes videos. Rock on, Jadefury. Rock on.

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