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Hacker's security concerns elicit response from 'Nin Tendo,' Nintendo


Last week, while most gamers were off writing screeds about their disappointment with E3, Wii hacker bushing was drafting an open letter to Nintendo stating that he and fellow coders had found an exploit that allows stock Wii consoles to play copied games, and seeking cooperation from Nintendo to patch this hole in such a way that homebrew is left alone.

He quickly received a response from Nintendo -- or, rather, a Gmail address for "Nin Tendo." "Tyson Green" (also the name of the Halo 3 Multiplayer Design Lead) sent a curt message stating that while Nintendo didn't approve of people messing around with their console, he wanted to talk about this piracy issue.

Of course, that one is a fake, as are many of the responses posted. But bushing indicated that, while most of the emails he received and posted were fake, he did in fact receive correspondence from the for-real Nintendo.

[Via DCEmu]

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