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HTC community well on its way to its own accelerated video drivers

Chris Ziegler

Though some newer firmware revs for affected HTC devices have touted video performance tweaks, the company's still not terribly interested in coming out with outright hardware-accelerated binaries to fully support the dormant ATI Imageon circuitry on board, citing a host of technical issues. That's been an ongoing source of ire for some in the user community who've complained of lackluster video playback performance, and after giving up on an official solution, there's been a grassroots effort for homebrew drivers that's finally starting to yield some paydirt. 2D (read: video playback, among other things) acceleration still isn't in the cards, but has released binaries and sample vids showing improved 3D performance thanks to newfound Direct3D and OpenGL ES acceleration. On the issue of whether 2D efforts have been abandoned, the organizers say "we have not [abandoned it], it may still come. The simple fact is, that in this particular case, it was easier to work with the 3D drivers first." Anyone want to test these out and see if your hair's getting blown back by the blistering performance? Follow the break for the full video.

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