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HTC Rose mentioned by Bluetooth SIG, inspires daydreams of Android

Chris Ziegler

So when the Bluetooth SIG leaks a new handset, it's a leak of epically tiny proportions. Instead of the wealth of test reports we have the distinct pleasure of poring over when we get a juicy device via the FCC, the good ol' SIG gives us a single table of mostly meaningless information -- and that's in a best-case scenario. The worst case is where we get a model name or codename, geographic availability, and manufacturer name, and that's it. Such is the case with the HTC Rose, a phone we've never heard of before, and for all we know, may never hear about again. Our wild imaginations can easily concoct amazing Android-powered superphones with WVGA displays, 8-megapixel autofocus cameras, and 32GB of ROM until the cows come home, but this could just as easily be an EDGE-only Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard sleeper with all the design inspiration of an '82 Ford Escort. Or, you know, more likely something in between.

[Via Cellpassion]

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