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Konami releases full MGO problem report, issues apology


Gene expansion can be a tricky undertaking, as Konami learned this past Thursday when the first premium Metal Gear Online expansion pack was released and promptly generated a host of service issues. Actually, in Konami's words: "major system related problems" (and we're not just talkin' convoluted access this time). In fact, so damaging has the upgrade been that it takes a 37-entry timeline just to brief us on the drama leading up to the completed refund on Saturday. For those wondering about the "foreseeable future," here are the most current updates:
  • MGO Shop - "At 18:00 on July 19th 2008, there are still no permanent solutions as yet. IP restrictions still stand, but it is planned that a different will be used and we expect the waiting times for purchases to be improved as a result."
  • Reward Shop - "At 18:00 on July 19th 2008, there are currently no set time schedules on its re-opening. We will make further announcements on this site should the situation change in any way, so please keep checking the site for further updates."
"We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies for the problems that have affected all our customers that have been with us since the start of the 'Premiere Beta,'" Konami writes, concluding, "We are currently doing all in our powers to bring a permanent solution to the ongoing problems in the quickest possible time." In the meantime, we suggest you play through the single-player campaign ... again!

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