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Preparing for tomorrow's launch of LotRO Book 14

Shawn Schuster

We know you're excited about tomorrow's new content patch for Lord of the Rings Online. With Book 14, we'll get some wonderful new additions to the game as well as some hearty preparation for Mines of Moria later this year. So it would only make sense that you'd want to play as soon as possible, right? You don't want to sit around patching with everyone else, you want to play the second Book 14 releases!

Turbine makes it easy for players to do just that. Their Downloadable Updater will patch Books 13 and 14 onto your computer before the official release hits the live servers. Not only will this let you be ahead of the game, but you can also download this content on another computer, transfer the file onto a disk or device, then run it on your computer with a LotRO client to access the update. The downloaded update won't apply itself until the servers go live on patch day, but consider this a great little tip on getting yourself prepared.

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