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SelfSat's H21D antenna morphs dish into a plate, spoon left bewildered

Steven Kim

Hey diddle diddle -- ATSC antennas aren't the only pieces of HD gear getting the steamroller treatment. If you're dying to bring FreeSat programming into your UK abode, but can't bear hanging a dish on the side of your home, you (and your neighbors) might like this. Zoning must be run with a tighter fist in the UK than here in the US, because according to the linked blurb, mounting a dish can be outright forbidden by local building codes. Either way, you can hang the H21D Flat Antenna on the side of the home and even paint over it. Then just sit back and enjoy the new HD programming so stealthily flowing into your digs! Your wallet will notice the £150 hit, but your neighbors will be none the wiser.

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