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UK sees plague of dodgy DS chargers


Here's some advice for any Brits currently in need of a new DS charger: don't skimp on it. The consumer protection folks at Trading Standards have stated that there are "hundreds of thousands, or even millions" of unsafe AC power adaptors on UK high streets. The cheap (about £6) chargers originated from China, and have exposed wires and ill-fitting pins that can cause the adaptor to overheat, or even electrocute owners, like the poor Pig Slaves above! Yeep!

Versions labeled for the DS Phat, DS Lite and Game Boy are said to be among the biggest culprits, while a fake European CE safety mark appears on many. These might not just be limited to shadier outlets, either -- apparently, several retailers are stocking them, which could mean any of the bigger stores. We suggest using this as an excuse to pick up Hori's effortlessly stylish DS Lite Charge Stand.

[Via MCV]

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