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Bethesda defends E3, says it needs to change

Jason Dobson

After returning to its old stomping grounds, last week's E3 was a bittersweet reminder of not only what the annual event used to be, but also what it had become, its once bustling halls now comparatively vacant as handfuls of press scurried past. Even so, while some continue to call the occurrence irrelevant, others, such as Bethesda marketing front man Pete Hines, believe that E3 remains an important event for the gaming industry.

"I'm a firm believer that we need an E3," Hines told TechRadar UK in a post-show interview. However, the exec qualified his statement, adding that "we just can't have it like this year." Hines instead feels that E3 needs to become an "improved version" of 2007's Santa Monica beach side trek, or even a more controlled version of previous years' media bazaar. It will be interesting to see where E3 goes from here; with the event being a few pounds short of a megaton, we couldn't shake the feeling that we were attending both a showcase and a wake.

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