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Capcom to create mega shirts out of Mega Man 9 boxart

Eric Caoili

Remember that Mega Man 9 boxart/shirt we featured last week during E3? Of course you do, how could you ever forget its magnificent image? Apparently, I Am 8-bit artist Gerald de Jesus was commissioned for the homage to Mega Man's packaging designs of yore.

The shirts were originally created exclusively for Capcom's staff, including director Hironobu Takeshita and producer Keiji Inafune, with a limited run of four. But after seeing fan reactions to the astounding apparel, the publisher has decided to make t-shirts with the Mega Man 9 cover art "available for purchase soon" in the States. Oh, wondrous day!

Let's all hope Capcom decides to make a lot more than just four shirts this time!


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