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LotRO Book 14 launch day: Where to begin?

Shawn Schuster

So you took our advice and pre-patched your Lord of the Rings Online client before the servers went live today. You're now ready to dive head-first into the new content, but you might realize that you don't know where to start. The official Book 14 patch notes might seem a bit daunting, so we've compiled this quick wrap-up of our best Book 14 posts for your knowledge and enjoyment.

Massively's exclusive tour of LotRO Book 14
In this five-part article, we will explore the initial storyline where the Fellowship finally leaves Rivendell for Moria, a new type of Critter Play that takes you back through history, battlefield defense instances, housing upgrades and a complete new set of screenshots for you to enjoy.
LotRO Dev Diary: Moving the Fellowship
The time has arrived for the Fellowship to finally leave Rivendell. For the players who enjoy the game's connection to Tolkien's work, this is truly an exciting time. For the game developers, it's a fairly unique challenge.
LotRO's Legendary Weapon system explained
A good chunk of this interview centers around the new Legendary Weapons that we'll see with Mines of Moria. These weapons will be something like a living part of your character, almost like a companion.
Changes to Monster Play in LotRO's Book 14
Finally, what we've all been waiting for: emotes for the monsters! This large list includes such favorites as cheer, dance1 and tantrum. It's certainly about time the monsters got a little RP love, too!
LotRO dev diary: Book 14 instance updates
We've heard so many recent reports about the upcoming changes with Lord of the Rings Online's Book 14, including class improvements, new emotes and large-scale events. In a recent dev diary, we now get word of some changes that will be implemented regarding the instances of LotRO.

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