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Retailers hoping for R4 ban in UK

Candace Savino

Retailers in the UK are losing sleep over DS flash carts, and that's turning them into big old grumps. As you probably know, flash carts not only offer interesting homebrew opportunities, but they also provide owners with the means to pirate games. Piracy has been cutting into DS software sales, and retailers? They're not very happy.

The cart under attack is, of course, the R4DS -- it is the most mainstream one, after all. Retailers don't want R4s to be sold anymore, and are calling for a UK ban on the product. has already pulled the flash card from its site after a "conversation with Nintendo." (As far as we can tell, the site isn't selling alternative carts, either.)

We know what you're thinking -- the R4 isn't the only piracy option out there. Yet, it's likely that other flash cards will find themselves on the chopping block, too. A nationwide ban on the R4 and others probably won't happen, though, and even if it does, many will just turn to imports.

Being the good souls that we are, we're assuming that most of you aren't pirates and can sympathize with suffering retailers. Still, do you think that warrants a ban on flash carts?

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