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Rumor: PSP-3000 adds built-in mic, PS button [update]


You're allegedly looking at the inside of the PSP-3000. If it looks familiar, it is. A second hardware "refresh" will supposedly borrow heavily from the PSP-2000 design with a few key upgrades, according to the forum (yeah, it's in Chinese!). A user there cites "reliable sources" and demonstrates his claims with picture evidence, suggesting that the PSP-3000 will feature a built-in microphone, a PlayStation button (in place of the current "Home" button) that parallels the one on PS3 controllers, and a thinner metallic ring on the back casing (all pictured after the break). The poster claims to have no knowledge of an internal hard drive or flash drive, but confirms the UMD drive will almost surely remain in place.

While it's difficult to nail the complete picture of this rumor working only with clumsy translations, we've noted a few possible additions to the details above, including a modified USB input and supposed pictures of a black model (now removed -- mock-up images here). The possibility of cell phone integration (beyond Skype compatibility) and some vague references to a "touch-screen" and RMVB support are likely just wishful thinking, as are reports that PSP-3000 is already in mass production. We'll keep you posted as the story evolves.

Update: PSP Fanboy's Alan Tsang reads Chinese! Tsang elaborates on the the rumor here (which we mostly nailed the first time around).

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psp 3000
PlayStation button replaces "Home" button; mic positioned to the right of the volume controls

"Scratch prevent the steel ring is" (Google translation) -- thinner too!

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