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Sketchy site offers iPhone apps 'at a price that's a steal'

Robert Palmer
Save, currently the top Google result when searching for "iPhone apps," offers 10 apps for $25, including much-sought-after MMS and video recording capability.

But hold on there, pardner, because it looks like they make you jailbreak your phone to get the apps to work. According to a post by a disgruntled customer at Yahoo! Answers, the site is only selling ZiPhone, and instructions on how to install the apps shown on their homepage.

If this post is correct, this reeks of scamminess, since nothing mentions ZiPhone anywhere on their site before purchase. ZiPhone is also freeware. Not cool.

Apple and The Jobsmeister also made it pretty clear that the App Store (via iTunes) was the only place to get apps for your iPhone or iPod touch. Now, we all know that's not necessarily the case, but to base a business around breaking the rules historically hasn't worked.

[Via PC World and Gedeon Maheux, the latter with NSFW language.]

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