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Start bulking up your Wiimote early


Are you desperate for some extra length? Do you yearn for that extra inch that could give you the edge over others? Do you want increased size right now?

Well, good news: you don't have to wait for Wii MotionPlus's Spring 2009 launch for a chance to elongate your Wii Remote. The makers (it's not specified who) of this new wireless Nunchuk are happy for you to get adding to Nintendo's wand right now. Available from today at China-based outlet Divineo, this 'chuk comes with a tiny wireless receiver that plugs into the bottom of your Wiimote -- very much like the Nyko Kama model which we reviewed earlier this year.

At $24.95, this is ten bucks cheaper than Nyko's effort, or you could buy five for $21 apiece and, um, give us the spare? We're just floating ideas here!

[Via DCEmu]

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