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The 'ultimate proof' that PS3 is winning


The deafening din of a million, argumentative keystrokes. Silenced. The endless wave of hyperbolic, hyperactive hype. Held back. The battle of technology, software and back-of-the-box bullet points. Over. At last, the console wars can draw to a close, the vision of its victor burning bright in our minds and hearts as it crushes off-white shells beneath its monolithic frame. Here is the "ultimate proof" that Sony is winning: A CNBC business reporter and Los Angeles Emmy award winner, Jane Wells, has a son who totally ditched his 360 for a PSTriple.

Now now, don't discount the 16-year old boy's prescient abilities -- Mom writes he "tells me the latest trend three months before I read about it in the media." An avid Xbox fan, trend watcher Jane Wells Jr. (not his real name) decided to trade in his cherished system for a PlayStation 3, shortly after hearing about a little game called Metal Gear Solid 4 in Sony's E3 press conference. Sony's 2008 E3 press conference.

Following this discovery, not to mention news of other exclusive titles and "the awesomeness of Blu-ray," he "promptly packed up his Xbox 360 and all his games and went down to Game Stop to trade them in." And that about wraps it up for Microsoft and Nintendo. Our biggest regret in all this? Not telling our mom about that time we sold our PlayStation to fund the purchase of best console ever, the Dreamcast. We could have made a difference.

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