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Amazon lets loose a Blizzard of bargains today

Chris Chester

At this point, we work under the assumption that there are probably very few people reading this blog that haven't had the pleasure of playing a Blizzard game from start to finish. But even if through some extraordinary happenstance, there was somebody out there who hadn't played World of Warcraft, there's s chance that they haven't yet had the opportunity to play some of the other Blizzard classics. Though Diablo 3 didn't turn out to be an MMO as we'd hoped, its progenitors are still fantastic games to have on call in the odd occasion that your internet goes down.

That's why we recommend that you take a peek over at Amazon today, as they'll have 5 of the latest Blizzard games on sale today through their Deal of the Day and Lightning Deal promotions. The WoW Battlechest (which includes the original game, Burning Crusade, and a guide) will be up all day, but the Diablo Battlechest, the Burning Crusade expansion, the Warcraft III Battlechest, and Warcraft III proper will be on sale for a limited time and in limited quantities. You can't beat that with a stick.

[Via Cheap Ass Gamer]

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