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Champions Online devs holding meet-and-greet at Comic Con

Chris Chester

July is a good time of year to be nerd. E3, though not quite the spectacle it used to be, still carries in its wake loads of exciting news for fanboys in the know. It's followed a week later by the comic convention to end all comic conventions -- the San Diego Comic Con. While we were a bit disappointed to see that Cryptic wasn't going to be sporting a booth this year, they did put up an announcement on their website saying that they'll be holding a meet-and-greet for any budding Champions Online fans in attendance.

For those interested in making an appearance, they'll be in the Oni Press area around booths 1834-1837 both on Friday the 25th at 1:15 and Saturday the 26th at 2:45. Writer John Layman (the man behind Tek Jansen) and combat designer Geoff Tuffli will be in attendance, ready to take your questions, complaints, suggestions, diatribes, and anything else you can throw at them. Don't miss the chance to pick their brains.

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