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Feared censorship once more fails to appear in Age of Conan

Adrian Bott

Just what does it take to kill a rumor, anyway? Not so long ago, we investigated rumors that the mature content in Age of Conan was being 'scaled back', and came away unconvinced that any such thing was happening. More recently, the anatomical changes to the succubus model suggested that rather than taking mature content out, the developers might in fact be adding more.

Even then, however, there was still one point of concern: the impending changes to the Pyramid of the Ancients. Many AoC players who believed censorship was happening were convinced the harem girls in the Pyramid, who had previously been notably lacking in garments (and occasionally hair), would be covered up in order to placate a hypothetical lobby of 'prudes'.

So when the notes for a new patch on Testlive that included the Pyramid of the Ancients changes announced 'The Harem Girls have been dressed up properly, and sexily!' the response was not favorable. Obviously, by dressing these girls up, the developers were nerfing mature content! Except... they weren't. A poster called Ankhsunamun kindly provided a not-work-safe screenshot of the new version. Yet again, panic over supposed censorship has proved unfounded.

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