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Iwata: iPhone not a threat


Think Nintendo overlord Satoru Iwata is bothered by suggestions that Apple's iPhone poses a threat to the DS? Then think again, chump!

Speaking to Forbes, Iwata admitted that he uses the iPhone himself, and regards the device as an attractive product. Yet in the Nintendo President's eyes, the iPhone and DS are just about different enough to find their own markets. "When I look carefully at the iPhone's users vs. the users of our Nintendo DS, I understand there are some overlaps," remarked Iwata-san, cool as a cucumber. "And if you ask 'Is the overlap too big?,' my answer is no, not so much."

We're right behind Iwata on this one. People aren't about to suddenly drop the 70 million DSes sold worldwide to date, and let's not forget how the DS convincingly beat another sleek, multimedia device to occupy top spot.

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