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PixelJunk Eden trophy and YouTube support detailed

Alan Tsang

A post on PlayStation.Blog by the President of Q-games Dylan Cuthbert reveals details about PixelJunk Eden's trophy and YouTube support. You will get a bronze trophy for every "seed" in a stage. Other trophies include destroying 500 "prowlers" or collecting 15 "crystal" in a single jump. Another trophy you can only achieve in 3-player mode. We also have a list of leaked trophies, from a NeoGAF post, which seems to be accurate, after the jump.

The YouTube upload feature will allow players to record gameplay and upload it directly to YouTube within the game. The procedure is simple: push one button to start and one to end. There is also no slowdown in gameplay "thanks to the power of the PS3 and its abundance of SPU processors."

Finally, they are thinking about trophies for PixelJunk Monsters as well via a patch. If they do release a patch, it will even include XMB music and "a couple of other things." We can't wait!


The following comes from a NeoGAF post; the poster is a journalist who claims "a fellow journo got his hands on the review build of Eden and is playing it on debug unit using his 'retail' PSN account. As a consequence, Eden trophies now show up on my PS3 when comparing my trophies with his." Please note this might not be the final list!


All Seeds 01
Open all seeds in garden 01
All Seeds 02
Open all seeds in garden 02
All Seeds 03
Open all seeds in garden 03
All Seeds 04
Open all seeds in garden 04
All Seeds 05
Open all seeds in garden 05
All Seeds 06
Open all seeds in garden 06
All Seeds 07
Open all seeds in garden 07
All Seeds 08
Open all seeds in garden 08
All Seeds 09
Open all seeds in garden 09
All Seeds 10
Open all seeds in garden 10
All Gardens Clear
Get a Spectra in each garden
Combo Ten
Pollen Prowler combo x 10
Combo Fifteen
Pollen Prowler combo x 15
The Hundred Thousander
Get 100.000 pollen in one garden
500 Dead Pollen Prowlers
500 Pollen Prowlers killed
Ten Minute Grimp
Get all 5 Spectra from a garden within 10 minutes
Fifteen Crystals
Get fifteen crystals in a single jump
Zero Wasted Pollen
Open all seeds in a garden without missing any pollen
Three Play Ping Pong
In 3p mode, trapeze jump between two swinging Grimps


All Spectra Found
Get all the Spectra in all gardens

Total: 30

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