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Ten things every new player should know about EVE Online

James Egan

There are some valuable lessons learned as you progress in EVE Online, lessons which get pounded into you when making mistakes. There are so many things you wish someone had told you before you went out and made a noobish ass of yourself.

Even with the much-improved Aura tutorial that's been implemented in EVE, there are lots of things that still cause players to scream something to the effect of, "Why didn't anyone warn me?!" This is often accompanied by frantically warping away from one's obliterated ship in an escape pod with a liberal amount of cursing. Of course, it doesn't have to be this way.

Massively EVE columnist David Perry has decided to remedy this, and put together a list of distilled spacefaring wisdom that should clarify some of the immutable laws of being a pilot in New Eden:

  • The only place where you are safe in EVE is either docked or offline, otherwise you're mostly fair game.
  • You will eventually get podded. It's nothing personal...
  • ... so make sure your clone is up to date.
  • At any given time, make sure you're always training a skill.
  • EVE is like a sandbox with landmines. Deal with it.
  • You're flying in a cocoon full of liquid, known as a pod. Not behind the controls of a ship.
  • Flying a ship anywhere in EVE is like gambling, only fly what you're willing to lose.
  • CONCORD exists to punish, not protect.
  • If you're going to be in a lowsec system for a while, create 2 or more safespots, just in case.
  • Pirates are not griefers, they're as much a part of EVE as you are.
Check out David's post, which has been well-received by the EVE blogging community, for more detail and related resources over at his CrazyKinux alter ego's site.

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