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World of Kung Fu to launch August 1st

William Dobson

The team at World of Kung Fu have sent word that their free-to-play martial arts MMO will officially launch on the 1st of August, a mere week from now. To prepare for the launch, a new patch has gone in today that expands the game's playable area by 25%, with 8 additional areas to explore. The patch also features new quests and an increase to the level cap, and an extra server has been added to accommodate newcomers.

We're sure that many of you haven't seen this title in action yet, so we've embedded a short gameplay clip from Youtube. The game strongly adheres to its ancient Chinese setting, and players must specialize in particular weapon styles such as Spear, Hook, and Broadsword, and hone their Kung Fu while traveling through Zhong Guo (better known in the western world as China). With the release of the latest patch, and the launch next week, this might be a nice title to check out -- especially for those WAR-waiters and AoC-leavers.

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