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Barrens Chat: Unwanted

Megan Harris

Now, I know last week I said in a comment that I am trying something entirely new this week. However, that plan sort of backfired when I found out my scanner is no longer in the realm of the living, and those Spirit Healers apparently don't speak binary.

I've Wanted to put this comic up since I saw the movie. If you have not seen it, you might not get this unless you watched the movie previews, or have someone explain it.

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A few people have commented that there are a lack of static characters in Barrens Chat. When I started making comics, that was the point. As it's been a repeated complaint, I would like to introduce Shteyr, a Tauren Hunter. She has actually been in a few other comics, just uncredited. I also realize now I've forgotten her nose stripes. Whoops.

I do have plans for a story arc in a few upcoming comics, and a couple more static characters. I will not, however, tie myself down to a set story. The comics will still, for the most part, be random bits of humor. I like the freedom that option offers.

See you next week!

Barrens Chat is a weekly installment, subjecting people to the imagination of Megan Harris (and Guest comic Mike Schramm!) in her attempts at world domination. When she's not laughing at the misfortune of children, or being subjected to the machinations of Engineers, she is helping her guild prepare for the eagerly awaited Death Knights by helping them raise gold and craft bags instead of leveling her main.

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