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Vehicle controls in Wrath

Zach Yonzon

WoW Insider tipster Dinnerbone sent in some interesting findings about the siege vehicles in Beta while spelunking through the LUA files. He notes that these are all viewable -- if you get those lines of code, at least -- in the current Wrath build. Here are a few tidbits about vehicles and how they might work in the expansion:
  • Right-clicking character portraits have the option to "Leave vehicle," just like when players are in a party. This suggests that vehicles aren't buff-type spells like mounts but actual, physical vehicles you can enter and exit.
  • Vehicles need fuel. There're no clear details on how vehicles can be refueled or what happens when it runs out of fuel.
  • Vehicles have an "ammo slot"; Dinnerbone isn't quite sure whether this means siege vehicles will run out of ammo or if it simply means they fire different projectiles.
  • Pets and vehicles don't mix. Vehicles apparently replace Hunter or Warlock pets and have their own set of controls or abilities. New ability buttons or bars will appear when inside a vehicle.
  • There might be an entirely new UI frame for vehicles, with sliders and other new interface mechanics. The sliders "power" and "angle" range from 0 to 100 and can be seen in the LUA files. A developer note on one of files says, "Placeholder for eventual vehicle controls, currently just two sliders," so there may be more controls. I'm imagine a third person Worms with the power and angle controls.
  • Blizzard has stated that vehicles can carry passengers, and Dinnerbone seems to think it, too, although he can't seem to find indications of it in the code just yet.
If you're experienced with LUA files, you can poke your head in through the current build and see if you can find out anything new about the siege vehicles. We're always excited to see what's up with the Beta.

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