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Sunfire joins the in-wall speaker crowd with Cinema Ribbon Wall models

Steven Kim

Sheesh -- if the high-end in-wall speaker category gets any more popular, we'll start seeing models with integrated iPod docks! Jumping into the fray and disappearing into your walls, Chuck Wagon-style, is the latest offering from Sunfire. True to its beginnings with Bob Carver, Sunfire has borrowed some tech from the rest of the XT-series and incorporated ribbon drivers to its in-wall CRW-2 and CRW-2C (center channel) offerings. If the Cinema Ribbon Trio In-Wall (CRW-3 and CRW-3C) models are more speaker than you need, these might be a better fit for you. You'll get the same 6-inch ribbon tweeter, but fewer of the 4.5-inch drivers. The CRW-2C has an acoustic lens for widening the sweet spot, and the lens can be removed if you want to use the CRW-2C for L/R channels, so mix and match as you see fit. At $850 per speaker, you may just consider these for your next high-end, high-fashion install.

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