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WotlkWiki starts streaming live video

Eliah Hecht

WotlkWiki, which has been a great source for all kinds of information about Wrath ever since the Friends & Family alpha started, is launching a new attraction, which they're calling WotlkWikiTV. It will consist of live broadcasts from players in the beta, which is pretty cool for those of us who still haven't gotten beta keys. (I maintain hope!)

Their first stream is live right now: Death Knight leveling! They've got a source in beta who will be on "pretty much every day," so if you want to get a good look at what the DK will be like to play, head on over to their streams page and load it up. Personally I'm torn as to whether I want to watch or not – I am really curious about the class, but I'd kinda like to see it for myself before I see someone else doing it. We'll see if if my impatience or my desire to remain spoiler-free wins out.

This is another step in an interesting trend of "WoW TV;" Nihilum has been streaming a few raids for a little while now, and SK-Gaming apparently just did one as well. Does anyone see a new cable network in the future, or is the potential viewership still a little too small?

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