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WoW Insider Show is giving away a WWI beta key tomorrow

Mike Schramm

Yes, not only is the WoW Insider Show going live again tomorrow afternoon as usual, and not only will I be making a return to the airwaves (after being stuck in LAX during last week's show), but Turpster is going to make the ultimate sacrifice and give away a beta key from the Worldwide Invitational to one lucky listener. How can you win this treasured set of letters and numbers? By listening to the show, of course -- tune in tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern over on WoW Radio, and we'll let you know how we're giving away the key.

Plus there's another surprise, which I'm a little too scared to even talk about -- let's just say that Turpster may be showing off his musical talents, and he may have roped some other folks in this time. And since I (unlike Rossi) do in fact have the email login, we'll be answering your emails from and chatting live in IRC at in the #wowradio channel.

So tune in tomorrow for not only your chance to hear great insight and commentary about the latest World of Warcraft news, and not only to Turpster (and maybe some other familiar WI voices) sing, but also your chance to pick up that rarest of epic treasures lately: an honest to goodness WWI beta key*. See you tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm EST over on WoW Radio.

*Note: We'll talk about this on the show I'm sure, but please note that we're giving you a beta key, not access to the beta -- it's up to Blizzard to actually let you in. And we're giving you a WWI key, which means it's for EU players only -- the key won't let you enter the beta on US realms. Sorry US players, but all of our other contests are for you, so karma evens out.

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