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Cryptic Studios is hiring ... for Star Trek Online!

Michael Zenke

There's still a little over 24 hours left on the countdown clock located at Cryptic Studios' official website. Unfortunately, staffing needs seems to have ruined the surprise a bit. WarCry noticed an advertisement in the fall Game Career Guide e-newsletter (pdf) for Cryptic hiring - that specifically mentions Star Trek Online! All that wondering for naught, regrettably.

There's still time left to wonder what the studio will unveil on the morrow, of course. Judging by past comments from Jack Emmert, it's safe to say we'll see something more like a AAA title than the casual game STO might have been. Read on below the cut for the full advertisement, and make sure you let us know what you think about this. Does Cryptic have the chops to make two titles at once - one of them a hot potato licensed game?

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