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IOCELL contents phone logs conversations, sends 'em around the web

Darren Murph

Not quite sure why, but we get this whole Get Smart vibe from this thing. IOCELL's contents phone would probably be more suited for a highly covert spy agency rather than your grandmother's home, but we suppose even granny could appreciate the built-in hard drive that logs conversations, plays 'em back and makes remembering things that much easier. Furthermore, the firm asserts that this thing can send completed calls out on the internet should you want to pass along the audio to someone else, and there also appears to be a USB port for possibly offloading those onto flash drives. Heck, it even syncs caller ID information with calls and provides background music during conversations (uh, okay?). Take a wild guess on the price, chances are you'll be fairly close.

[Via The Red Ferret Journal]

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